Category: Daily Encouragement

Be Open


A painting that reflects an openness to God and a welcoming of the Holy Spirit.
Do spend some time immersing yourself in this picture and allow God to speak to you in your circumstances regarding your need to be open to the Holy Spirit’s presence and in-pouring. It speaks of the necessity to be open to the Holy Spirit in the giving and receiving process of prayer. 

Types of Courage


Here are different types of courage we need to face this complex world. Do seek them from almighty God and He will grant you the right type of courage at the right time.

I would add a further type of courage and that is LOCKDOWN COURAGE which is a combination of the needs of some of the descriptions listed above. It is the ongoing courage to face the daily grind of an unusual situation.

Come Into His Presence


Do you give thanks for closed doors? If you have a closed door before you, give thanks to the Lord then turn and you will see the door He has opened for you. The first time you try this, it isn’t easy. People often interpret closed doors as refusal or rejection, but closed doors actually give us direction in life.

Consider that God has plans that prosper you and His vision of what lies ahead is ordained. The more confident you become in God’s plans for you, the easier it becomes to give thanks for a closed door.

God makes a way through the most difficult and challenging of times. This provides insight into God’s character and He gives us continual reassurance of His faithfulness in fulfilling what He has promised.

Today’s prayer: As our hearts overflow with gratitude to You, we come into Your Presence with praise in all circumstances. All glory be to God. Amen.

Pooh & Piglet


“Piglet?” said Pooh.
“Yes?” said Piglet.
“I’m scared,” said Pooh.
For a moment, there was silence.
“Would you like to talk about it?” asked Piglet, when Pooh didn’t appear to be saying anything further.
“I’m just so scared,” blurted out Pooh.

“So anxious. Because I don’t feel like things are getting any better. If anything, I feel like they might be getting worse. People are angry, because they’re so scared, and they’re turning on one another, and there seems to be no clear plan out of here, and I worry about my friends and the people I love, and I wish SO much that I could give them all a hug, and oh, Piglet! I am so scared, and I cannot tell you how much I wish it wasn’t so.”

Piglet was thoughtful, as he looked out at the blue of the skies, peeping between the branches of the trees in the Hundred Acre Wood, and listened to his friend.

“I’m here,” he said, simply. “I hear you, Pooh. And I’m here.”
For a moment, Pooh was perplexed.
“But… aren’t you going to tell me not to be so silly? That I should stop getting myself into a state and pull myself together? That it’s hard for everyone right now?”
“No,” said Piglet, quite decisively. “No, I am very much not going to do any of those things.”
“But-” said Pooh.
“I can’t change the world right now,” continued Piglet. “And I am not going to patronise you with platitudes about how everything will be okay, because I don’t know that.
“What I can do, though, Pooh, is that I can make sure that you know that I am here. And that I will always be here, to listen; and to support you; and for you to know that you are heard.
“I can’t make those Anxious Feelings go away, not really.
“But I can promise you that, all the time I have breath left in my body…you won’t ever need to feel those Anxious Feelings alone.”
And it was a strange thing, because even as Piglet said that, Pooh could feel some of those Anxious Feelings start to loosen their grip on him; could feel one or two of them start to slither away into the forest, cowed by his friend, who sat there stolidly next to him.
Pooh thought he had never been more grateful to have Piglet in his life.