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A Celtic Blessing

Recently a friend wrote to me. ‘We are often jolted into the reality of time passing quickly on our journey. Just yesterday our youngest son, Paul, remarked rhetorically, “How do you slow it down?” The prompting comes to make the most of each day.

Three of my friends celebrated their birthdays yesterday. Such a special day to celebrate life. Then came the sad news this morning that a fellow sister in Christ has died. A reminder to use the present as a gift.
In the light of this I share the following blessing with you.


May you experience time the old way

As a friend rather than the enemy

As a bringer of joy

Not a bringer of deadlines

May it loop around you and enfold you with possibilities

May it embrace you with love.

A Celtic Blessing about Time, by Iain Tweedale
(Image: Celtic Cross, Llantwit Major, Wales)

It’s Times Like These …

Here is an alternate Gospel Rock Song by a band called the Foo Fighters.
Concentrate on the words especially when they sing,”it’s times like these when you learn to live again.It’s times like these when you learn to give again…” It’s times like these when you learn to love again…”  It’s times like these. It’s time and time again…”  

Does this not apply to this time of Covid pandemic. 
Do rock along and praise the Lord with me.

Make Me a Channel of Your Peace

Dear people who seek to ask God to make them channels of His peace,
The song by St. Francis of Assissi, starts, “Make me a channel of your peace…”
Here is a picture that can add to the request of that song from God.


Roy Lawrence in his book “Make me a Channel” shows that to be a channel you must be a receptacle first of all. In other words you must receive in order to channel. You can also ask to be a channel of…

  • Forgiveness
  • Kindness
  • God’s Love
  • Healing
  • Truth
  • Freedom
  • Hope
  • Faith
  • Joy
  • Generosity in Giving
  • Jesus
  • The Fruit of the Holy Spirit
  • Eternal Life
  • …. and the list is actually endless.
    Do be a channel for God’s Grace and Working in the world.