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Good Friday Reflection & Song

Considering we have cancelled our services over This Easter Triduum, this post is eminently relevant. It is also relevant in our own personal circumstances.
When we spend time with God I think repentance must be at the centre and here is a post on how that operates. Good Friday is about repentance.
We are reminded that Good Friday can also be called, “Jesus saves you day.”
Then we can consider this picture.

Once we stand forgiven we can sing this most beautiful song in praise and thanksgiving for the death and resurrection of God’s only Son, Jesus and for the forgiveness given to us.

The Fruit of the Spirit


Day 34 of Lent: Have Your Way

But earnestly desire and strive for the greater gifts [if acquiring them is going to be your goal]. And yet I will show you a still more excellent way [one of the choicest graces and the highest of them all: unselfish love].
(1 Corinthians 12:31, AMP)

Today’s prayer: Lord, lead us in the more excellent way. Amen.



Here is a pondering from the poem “Desiderata.” It is short but speaks volumes. 
This comes after yesterday studying our Lenten Course on the Temple Model of Prayer and the type of prayer we pray in the Holy of Holies, namely, Meditation and Contemplation, both which are centred around silence. Silence created the opportunity to listen to God.